What is Engineering Leadership?

Chief Scientist for the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership and UC Berkeley professor Ikhlaq Sidhu explains Engineering Leadership.

Engineering Leadership is dedicated to transforming today’s engineers and engineering managers into tomorrow’s leaders. By providing free course resources from academic and industry leaders from top universities around the world, Engineering Leadership strives to equip top-performing engineers with the skills necessary to enable a higher level of effectiveness and innovation.

Engineering Leadership addresses problems such as:

* Having lots of engineering activity, and yet no aligned business results
* Organizational indecision about new products and services
* Disagreements between product management and engineering
* Delayed and halted projects; reduced R&D productivity
* Poor technology strategies
* Team morale and retention issues
* Overall issues in competitive performance

For engineering managers and technical experts, this transformation of thinking – from engineering to leadership,  will result in  career advancement, powerful networks, and meaningful contributions to innovative business solutions.