Pedagogy/Learning Model

Learning Model:
The learning model for Engineering Leadership has five focus areas.


1. Innovation Engineering: The process of developing an innovation while validating  the opportunity and testing its business model.
2. Business Operations Design: The understanding of business design variables and the design of operating models.
3. Communication Paradigms: Frameworks designed to communicate effectively and positively influence the organization
4. Technology Strategy: The understanding of ecosystem, business maturity, and timing as it relates to new technology driven projects.
5. Role of Management: The responsibilities of management to foster an environment that leads to innovation and creativity.

Learning models are typically used in parallel with real life projects centered around new business opportunities or operational innovation.

Modes of Practice:
Based on our work, Engineering leadership modes of practice may be categorized by 1) viewpoint of the organization and 2) stage of practice.  For example, some engineering leadership problems may be addressed within a firm, others from an academic institution, and yet others as a Non-Government Institution.  Meanwhile, the stage of the project might be early while searching for a working business model, later while innovating the operations, or even later when course corrections are needed to the original working model.

Modes of Practice